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Welcome to our family-run import and export wholesale. We offer everything in brand bodycare products, low-price article and seasonal articles.  

Note on addition of shipping costs:

Please note the diesel surcharge from April 15, 2022

Due to the current situation regarding the increased fuel prices and surcharges by the transport companies  we are forced to react. Unfortunately we have to pass the increase of the diesel price also to you as our customer.

Starting from 15th April 2022 we are forced to demand  the diesel surchage. This diesel surchage is calculated on basis of the average diesel price of the previous month. It is important for us that this is transparent and adjusted  to the actual price development.  This surcharge will be calculated for every shipment up to 5 pallets, even for free deliveries. 

We are choosing this way with help of a temporary surcharge, because it will be adjusted  monthly depending on price fluctuations based on ADAC data and because it is transparent  and can be easily retraced. You can find details on this under the shipping costs.


Xmas 2022

Xmas 2022

21.01.2022 To 30.09.2022 ; Shipping from : 01.10.2022

Have a look at our Christmas catalog 2022.

We offer with more than 500 articles a great range of Top-Articles in High Quality at bargain prices!

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minimum purchase: 300,00€

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Xmas 2022 minimum purchase: 300,00€


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Food Haribo 100 gr Airdrops 280 display

Food Haribo 100 gr Airdrops...

Order number: 45540
Content: 280 Pieces

Hint! Auslistung
Marvita med Aloe Vera Hygienic Gel 75ml

Marvita med Aloe Vera...

Order number: 54214
Content: 60 Pieces


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Lanyard, Key to my heart 2 ass.

Lanyard, Key to my heart 2...

Order number: 54441
Content: 48 Pieces

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